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A V-Neck Dress In The Press: 5 Karina Dresses For Travel

Karina Dresses Rita is a v-neck dress featuring a knee length and long sleeves.

We are thrilled to see our beloved Karina Dresses featured in the press, once again! We have been featured in another FABulous site, Examiner.com! Now, we know that we make the perfect travel dress, and the perfect v-neck dress, but now we have an amazing website to back up our word!  Launched in 2008, Examiner.com is a dynamic entertainment, news and lifestyle network that serves more than 20 million monthly readers across the U.S. and around the world. Their motto is Real People. Real Knowledge. Fully powered by thousands of writers who are self-motivated independent contributors, Examiner is able to express deep expertise in topics through words and pictures. Their knowledge is enhanced by a viewpoint unique to their experiences and oftentimes, their location.

Our v-neck dress Rita, as well as Penelope, Marisa, Lauren and Ella, have been featured!

While packing for a trip whether it be for business or fun, finding the right wardrobe can be a tough task. Will it be hot or cold? Classy or casual? Will it all fit? Will it still look good once you get there? These are all questions you face each and every time you prepare to go.

One dress company in NYC is looking to make traveling a whole lot easier for women with a line of dresses that are suitable for women of all shapes and sizes that not only can be transformed from casual day wear to classy night attire, it stays wrinkle free.

We think Examiner.com really hit the nail on the head with this article! While the 5 Karina Dresses mentioned in the article really are fantastic, this article could have truly been written about any of our dresses! All of our dresses wash and hang to dry and require no ironing. Hop on a plane, a train or in an automobile and head straight to sightseeing and dinner without having to change your look up one bit! Ready to pick out your next travel dress? Head over to our online store to pick one out!

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