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The Versitility of Karina: From Sleeveless Dress To Skirt

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Karina Dresses are my favorite thing to wear these days and I just love that they don’t wrinkle when I take them on trips. I came up with the idea of wearing a Karina Dress as a skirt when I was on vacation and wanted to wear my Karina Dress for a third time on the trip. It was so easy to turn my sleeveless dress into a skirt that I knew I had to share what I learned with the Karina Dresses community.

Karina Dresses Ruby Blush is a faux wrap dress with a criss-cross v-neck.

Here’s how to transition your sleeveless dress into a skirt…

First, put on your favorite Karina Dress. I started with my Ruby Karina Dress in Blush because I have been wearing it non-stop lately. These dresses are so easy to wear! This tutorial would work on other Karina Dresses like the Penelope and the Audrey.

Karina Dresses Ruby Blush is a faux wrap sleeveless dress with a criss-cross v-neck.

Second, grab a cropped top or a DIY cropped top like the one I made from  Merona Favorite V-Neck Tee from Target. Here are the DIY directions on how to crop your top. If you have a large chest or have an hourglass, triangle, oval or rectangle shape, then v-neck is for you.

Cropped Top DIY_-6

If you have a smaller chest, look fabulous in crew neck tops, then by all means, use a crew neck top. Either way, the top should be fitted to the body. Stay in a dark family so that you cannot see the print of the dress though your top. This tutorial is more for a fall look since you will be layering.

Next, use a wide belt to cinch your waist and cover up the seam in between the karina dress-skirt and top. This makes it look like you are tucking a top into a skirt rather than putting a top over a dress. I used a stretchy belt with a faux leather front for extra comfort.

Karina Dresses Ruby Blush is a faux wrap dress with a criss-cross v-neck.

Karina Dresses Ruby Blush is a faux wrap dress with a criss-cross v-neck.

Finish off the new look with a little bit of jewelry and heels!

Check out this video on how to wear a sleeveless dress as a skirt:

Have you tried wearing your short sleeve dress as a skirt? What do you think of it? Head over to our online store to find your next Karina sleeveless dress that you can wear so many ways!

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