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Karina Chronicles

Perfect Hairstyles For Ruby’s Faux Wrap Dress

IMG_0608-001-MobileJessica Jannenga is a 45 year old woman, interested in fashion, creativity, and putting together cost effective outfits, and is an excellent role model for self-love. She has a chronic disease, Ehlers-Danlos, which affects her life on a daily basis, but she continues to make the best of herself and feel good in the process regardless of the situation. A graduate of Duquesne’s School of Music with a Masters in Education as well as a B.A. in Music Performance her creativity coupled with her interest in fashion led her to blog at Elegantly Dressed and Stylish. Most recently she has been wearing her Ruby faux wrap dress, and at @jessicajannenga, Facebook and Pinterest.


Fabulous Hairstyles For A Faux Wrap Dress

Ruby was a woman who always seemed a bit unsure of herself .From the outside, she appeared confident, caring, and quite the opposite. She, like many girls growing up would look through the pages of Vogue, Glamour and Cosmo wondering if she would blossom into looking like one of the women she so adored in the magazines. As Ruby matured, so did her attitude. She felt more centered and confident on the outside as well as the inside, and found a company that really connected with how she liked to dress. She remembers wearing dresses much like a Karina dress when she was in college in the 50’s. As she saw the pretty prints, plaids, paisleys and couldn’t stop staring at the florals and LBDs that reminded her of her school years. Vintage inspired dresses was what Ruby was drawn to, and she clung to the thought of finding her true “fashion identity”.

Ruby found her favorite dress to be aptly named “the Ruby”, the faux wrap dress that would enhance and show off her lovely figure.There seemed to be a dress for everyone, and the style became Ruby’s signature after years of finding Karina. The holidays were approaching, and although Ruby never thought of herself as statuesque or as long limbed as many of the women she stared at while getting her hair done for the holidays, in her favorite salon, where everyone knew her, she knew that with her Ruby dress, with gold sparkly drop earrings, a pearl brooch, and black bow high heels, would be just the beginning of her transformation for the Holidays. Ruby had stunning, shiny, orange red hair, and had been experimenting with various styles she thought would look attractive with her long swan-like neck, and defined jaw. She would wear her hair in 3 different styles for different events: Christmas time, New Years Eve Celebrations, and being with friends.


  1. Hollywood Glam: Waves going down one side of face. This look was the signature of Veronica Lake, star in the 40’s. Use a curling iron or hot rollers to achieve this look. Part hair to the side, and choose one side to be the side to stand out. The other side will be tucked behind the ear or pinned with a barrette or pin Using the curling iron, or hot rollers curl hair in a vertical motion. When rollers are done, take them out and brush the waves of the one side. Spray your hair, and show off!
  2. Hair in Bun with hair jewelry: Use a circle bun you can find in most any store, Target, Walgreens, or a homemade sock bun. Push all of your hair tightly up into a ponytail, making sure the bun is secured farther to the back of the head. Pull ponytail through the bun. Taking all of the hair through the bun and spreading it out use another ponytail holder over the entire bun. This should create a perfect circular bun. Add the pretty hair jewelry to the front of the bun.
  3. Pretty Ponytail: Easy hairdo where the hair is slicked back close to the head and a ponytail holder with a jeweled piece is attached. Hairspray the front of the hair to keep it a sleek look.

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