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Wearing a Knee Length Dress in the Winter: Maternity Style

Kelley Crowe Forever's Like a DreamKelley is a wife, blogger, and mom to a three year old fashionista and all too competitive five year old, and currently expecting baby number 3 due in the Spring. Her favorite vacation dress is the Audrey, but her bump looks best in the Ruby knee length dress! Born and raised in New England, she now calls the Carolina’s home. You can learn more and join her on FacebookTwitterPinterest, Instagram, & Google+!

Winter Maternity Style  Karina Dresses Blog

These winter months seem to be getting a tad bit on the cooler side here in the Carolina’s where I live. It’s time to dig out those cozy scarves and chunky sweaters to style my favorite dresses for the cold! Here, I’ll be sharing tips for how you can style your favorite dresses in the winter months; and if you’re expecting like me how this look will work as you get further along in your pregnancy.

I showed you last month how I styled the sleeveless Ruby I have hanging in my closet for a fall look, but the thing I love most about Karina Dresses is the versatility and options that come with every style. you can wear the same dress in so many different ways. While the Ruby is my favorite currently due to the tie waist, it’s also my favorite dress for winter because of this sweater material. Once again, the knee length on this particular dress is not only perfect for someone expecting, but a much more appropriate length to pair with these winter weather accessories. I’m ALL about layering your look, so here you’ll find some simple tips for styling your favorite Karina dress to not only accommodate that growing belly, but the winter months among us as well.

  • Pair with thick leggings. I talked about this last month, but if you’re further along, leggings are the perfect accessory to still wear those non-maternity outfits hanging in your closet. But, leggings are also a great accessory in the colder weather. Go thicker and a sweater material legging would pair well with the sweater Ruby I mentioned above.
  • Add a chunky scarf. I love how this knee length dress comes in a few solid colors; taupe, rose, and gray making it super easy to accessorize with a chunky colorful scarf. Add something to your look and stay warm too.
  • Pair it with a chunky sweater. I’m into funky patterns right now and the gray dress would pair well with this aztec print sweater! Depending on what sweater you styled with you could keep it with or without the scarf. This will accommodate someone with a growing bump like me or non-maternity style too, add a little something extra while keeping warm all at the same time.

You obviously don’t want to overdo the look by doing too much at once, so if you’re going to go with a funky print like the aztec one showed above, I might skip out on the scarf; or go with a solid or neutral sweater and pair it with your favorite scarf too! You could also get fun with the leggings. They have so many adorable patterns out there that would look great with the solid color Ruby knee length dress I mentioned above. While these tips are similar to how I styled my bump last month, these will keep you warm and glowing during these winter months!

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