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How to Wear Cowboy Boots with a Sleeveless Dress

Kelly TomilsonKelly Tomlinson is the writer and photographer behind Texas Type A Mom. She lives in Austin with her husband of 13 years, two precocious daughters, and English Bulldog, Dude. When she’s not working (and even when she is), Kelly’s wearing her Karina Audrey while baking sweet treats, on beach vacations, and watching football. You can find her on Twitter, and Pinterest.

When I was little I was the stereotypical little girl obsessed with all things girlie and feminine. The fascination with dresses started, well at birth since I was a little girl and dressing little girls is so much fun. In reality it may have seemed like other people’s projections on me but by 9 months old I could say “pocketbook”.  Why my mom taught me a multisyllabic mouthful like pocketbook instead of an easier to say word like purse is beyond me.

From the start, I’ve had a love for fashion. While I still love pink and have an affection for super feminine dresses like the Karina Jenny, I’ve expanded my wardrobe and incorporated more of a variety of pieces.

I shared with you last month about seeking versatility in my wardrobe and how you can style Cap Sleeve Dresses You Can Wear Year Round. It might be surprising but you can do the same with a sleeveless dress and the same pair of boots.

sleeveless dressAside from when I was 6 years old and was sporting the white fringe leather, I hadn’t owned a pair of cowboy boots until a couple of months ago. I’m not a cowboy and aside from a few trips to the rodeo and some visits to petting zoos I’ve never spent that much time with a horse.

But in Texas everybody has boots. It doesn’t matter what your personal style is, I’d say there’s more than a 75% chance you own at least one pair of cowboy boots.

Now that I have a pair of my own, I want to wear them all the time. But I’m not looking for a full on cowgirl type of look, so I avoid pairing them with jeans.

sleeveless dressInstead, my favorite way by far to wear cowboy boots is with dresses! Sleeveless dresses and cowboy boots are the perfect match!  They’re so versatile and you can wear them year round – bare legged in summer and with tights and a sweater in the cooler months.

Tip on wearing tights with dresses: unless you’re an expert, match your tights to either your dress or your shoes for a flawless appearance.

Jun 17, 2016

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