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Megan Rides the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad in her Knee Length Dress

IMG_0608-001-MobileJessica Jannenga is a 45 year old woman, interested in fashion, creativity, and putting together cost effective outfits, and is an excellent role model for self-love. She has a chronic disease, Ehlers-Danlos, which affects her life on a daily basis, but she continues to make the best of herself and feel good in the process regardless of the situation. A graduate of Duquesne’s School of Music with a Masters in Education as well as a B.A. in Music Performance her creativity coupled with her interest in fashion led her to blog at Elegantly Dressed and Stylish. Most recently she has been wearing her Ruby faux wrap dress and her Megan knee length dress. Visit her at @jessicajannenga,Facebook and Pinterest.


knee length dress

It was a wonderful, cool fall day, and Megan with her hubby and two pups decided that after 7 years of talking about going, they would finally go to Bryson City, NC to ride the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad. The pups would have to stay at the dog friendly Bed and Breakfast, while Megan and her hubby were going to ride first class on the 1940’s style, rail car. Tables and chairs lined each side so that the dressed to the nine’s passengers in their 40s dresses, Megan, aptly named the “Megan” by Karina Dresses, a burgundy and tan floral dress with v neck,  short sleeves, knee length dress with a full skirt, worn with a black beaded head piece, and stunning drop earrings, left an impression on some of the passengers, as she was asked where she got such a beautiful dress.

The beauty of the dress was that she could take it out of her suitcase and it was ready to wear, no ironing, or anything but putting it on to go. She was ready to put her hair in rollers as the railcar contained a variety of people dressed up with men in pinstriped suits and women in pretty dresses. However, it clouds covered the sky as it turned a darker shade of grey, and Megan and her husband were quite happy they did not choose the open air car. No, her hair would just have to be left down in a Veronica Lake style, parted with some wave to the side.

As they began their 4.5 hour journey, through Bryson City, and then to the Natahalla Gorge and back, they saw two people a lady and gent, both waving to the train as if it was their job for the day. We later learned, that they were a part of the history of the train, called, “The Wavers” different people in the same location, came out to wave to the train in beginning and ending it’s journey.

As a first class passenger, we both enjoyed the view, the country side, the river and houses that overlooked the river and some just containing storing resting as thought they had been there all along. Smells of creamed carrots, tilapia, and pulled pork were in the air, as lunch arrived promptly at our table. We ordered a bottle of red wine, but in the next car, we could have had our taste of Moonshine. Maybe next time. Dessert was pumpkin spice cake with a cream cheese filling, and the train’s comfortable, cushioned seating was a part of the delight in the ride.

At the Gorge, we stopped and stretched our legs for a bit of a break, and rest. Megan and her hubby walked around, and later got ready for their trip back. It was lovely, as the trip and the 40’s style dress and hair accessory, just added to the authenticity of the ride.

knee length dress


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