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How To Dress For Spring In A Megan Karina Dress

HeatherHeather Smith is the founder and blogger behind OurKidsMom. She lives in the Kansas City, MO metro area with her family and rescue pets Zoey (dog), Mocha and Jasper (cats).  A third grade teacher turned stay at home mom, she loves to travel, cook, craft and play with the newest techie gear. With children ranging from elementary to college age her life is never boring. You can find her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. She is loving the Audrey v-neck dress but her favorite dress for spring is the Megan.

dress for spring

When I saw the new spring styles at Karina Dresses I couldn’t wait for them to be available. Spring has always been one of my favorite seasons … from saying good-bye to heavy coats, multiple heavy layers and cabin fever to saying hello to spring flowers, warm sunshine, fresh breezes and short sleeves.

That’s is exactly what was brought to mind when I saw the Megan in Black Floral Rose.

dress for spring

My dress arrived just in time for me to wear on the first day of spring. Because it was a little crisp outside still, I decided to pair it with a fun pink cardigan to pull out the pink in the dress and a pair of black leggings to continue the flow from the dress. I didn’t want anything to detract from the beautiful print. For the shoes, I decided that a black pair of Teiks would be perfect for both comfort and continuity.

dress for spring

The Megan dress is a best seller and now I know why. The cut and design are inspired by the 1940′s when women accomplished great things.

With a surplice bodice v-neck front I can still accentuate my positives, and with detailed gathers in the back and a full swirl knee length skirt I feel ultra feminine but yet “fun”. I felt light and flowy in the Megan… kind of like how I envision Spring!

I’m loving the fun gathers on the sleeve caps that give a little “poof” to the sleeve. Little details like that add character to the design.

dress for spring

I can now see why this is everyone’s ‘go to’ dress for spring and I’ve decided I need more Megans! It is ultra comfortable and is easily paired with a cardigan if weather is a bit nippy. I’ve gone on a hunt for a pretty blue cardigan to compliment and pull the blue from the dress. It would create a completely new look, but still have a spring feel.

I cannot wait for warmer weather so that I can shed the cardigan and leggings for a completely new but yet classy look and I’m already planning this dress into my wardrobe on our family cruise.

How do you dress for spring?

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