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Get Ready for Knee-Length Dresses with Tips For Beautiful Legs

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Down in Florida we are practically walking in to Summer right now. To be fair, Spring and Summer are starting all around us. This means that we all  are going to be using more and more our Karina Dresses and maximize our Frockstar status! So it is time to focus on our legs and get those knee-length dresses on. As we show a little more skin, it is important to feel confident and sure of ourselves. In no particular order consider doing these tips to show off your beautiful legs. Get ready to flaunt your dresses and your legs! #Frockstar

knee-length dresses

Get Ready for Knee-Length Dresses with Tips For Beautiful Legs:

  1. Exercise: no, it is not to late to start (if you haven’t).  You can work of loosing some inches or toning up with by walking, jogging and cycling. Squatting is also a great way to shape your legs. Jumping rope or a weight lifting routine can also do the trick.  Bottom line with exercise is to pick the activity you enjoy most that will help focus on your legs and be consistent. Don’t forget to build up resistance/distance/repetitions or time to keep moving forth.
  2. Smooth legs: by smooth legs we mean no runaway hair, no stubble. Take your pick of preferred method of getting rid of leg hair because it is unwanted when it comes to dresses. Shave, wax, hair removal creams, or laser it. Remember every method has is prepping and post steps to follow to maximize results.
  3. Moisturize/ Leg massage: yes, your legs need to be moisturized to.  This is simply using your favorite cream or body lotion on them, and while you are at it give yourself a pampering leg massage.
  4. Protect your legs: don’t forget to use SPF protection on your legs too.
  5. Avoid varicose veins:  best way to do it is by taking breaks if you have to stand for prolonged periods of time.  Move, sit or exercise every two hours or so.

knee-length dresses

These simple tips should get you knee-length dress ready to style and strut throughout the season!

After implementing these tips, I am ready to enjoy my Gala dress, an extremely comfortable wrap dress perfect for hour glass shaped, triangles and rectangular shaped bodies.

Do you have more tips we could add to this list?


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