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Safe At Sea In A Sleeveless Dress

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I found my new favorite dress and, I must admit, I don’t want to wear anything else.  My Adele sleeveless Karina Dress is awesome in every way.  It is just perfect for our spring weather, and its colorful fabric is not only  vibrant fun, but also perfect for my boating days fashion! And so, as everyone starts getting excited to go out on the water, I wanted to share my tips for staying safe while out at sea, sunning in a sleeveless dress.  A little safety will go a long way to enjoy each and everyone of your boat rides :-)


sleeveless dress

Here are our children safety while boating tips:

  • Life jackets:  If you don’t have them on board and on you will get fined!  Make sure kids are wearing a life jacket at all times.  Keep in mind that not any jacket will do because size matters.  The best way to determine the right one for your child is to her or him raise up their arms as if making a “touchdown” sign with the jacket on.  If the jacket reaches the chin or ears it might be a size too big.  The idea is for the life vest to fit snugly.   A good idea is to put the life jackets on before getting on the boat in case they accidentally fall over at the dock.
  • Everything in its place: Make sure all toys, towels, etc. are stowed away neatly so they don’t fly away, and potentially become harmful projectiles. Items lying around, like buckets, could make someone trip over.
  • Keep it all inside the boat: Ask the kids to keep all arms, legs, and heads  inside the boat at all times.
  • Avoid falling over:  If no one sits on the rails or runs around the boat you will not have any incidents, period. You never know when you might lose your balance.
  • Help the Captain: Have everyone sit before starting the boat so no one blocks the driver’s view.

Also, don’t forget lots of sunscreen before you depart.

The key is to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride once the anchors are up.  One of the many reasons why I favor my Adele sleeveless dress for lazy afternoon strolls on the boat.  The fabric just caresses your skin permanently, and it is extremely comfortable to wear.  It will keep you fresh and definitely in the perfect style to be on and off a boat.  By the way, it is a perfect dress for those of us with an hourglass body shape, rectangle shape, and inverted triangle shape.

We hope these tips keep you all smiling while out on the water!

What are you wearing for your next boat trip?



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