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Karina Dresses and Buzzfeed

Wrinkles? Who Needs them!

Karina dresses receives rave reviews in buzzfeed video

Karina Dresses recently had their wrinkle free fabric claims put to the test by Buzzfeed’s Bizarre Beauty producer and host Chloe Zak.

The Bizarre Beauty team subjected a Karina Dress of their choice to a series of tests in an effort to see how well it maintained it’s wrinkle free claim. Despite the rigorous testing done by the Bizarre Beauty team, they were unsuccessful in their attempts to cause wrinkles to appear on our dresses!

Karina Dresses has become the go-to travel dress amongst its loyal community of followers because of its easy wear, easy care, wrinkle free and machine washable fabric. With the modern woman's closet (and suitcase!) in mind, Karina Dresses offers dozens figure flattering styles that are available in sizes ranging from XS-4XL. New collections are released every month and Karina Dresses customers eagerly anticipate new dresses that not only fit and feel great but maintain a wrinkle free appearance throughout the day.