Karina Chronicles

The Story of The Megan Dress

When I was first starting out, my dear friend Megan was one of my biggest supporters.  Left to my own devices, I’ll stay in the studio all night and all day, but Megan would always pop over and drag me out into the sunshine for a round of cocktails or a night of dancing.

Megan is a super talented film maker.  She also has a great knowledge of music and is always, always up for a dance party.  She’s funny, likeable – just one of those people everyone wants to be around.

I created this dress because it was a cut that I wanted and couldn’t find anywhere – apparently I wasn’t the only one!  It was one of my first dresses and it’s still one of my most popular.  This dress goes to the office in the morning,  to the market afterwards, picks up the kids and then goes out to dinner.  It’s  versatile and fun – just like my girl, Megan!

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