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Karina Chronicles

Meet Your Maker: July Edition

Each month, our founder Karina Cousineau tells us what’s floating her proverbial boat.  Here’s what she loves this month!

1. Key lime pie
Last month I made strawberry/rhubarb pies, this month much time was spent perfecting my key lime pie.  My pie was definitely made with love – I squeezed about 40 of these tiny limes for a truly yummy taste!

2. Blondes’ Day Out
When we are upstate, Bodhi gets to go on hikes with his doggie friends.  Looks like the blondes have had some fun!  :)

3. Wysteria
I have an amazing wisteria tree in my yard.  Each year when it the flowers bloom,  hummingbirds come and enjoy them; it’s a wonderful sight watching these tiny magical creatures moving about.

4. Downton Abbey
You may know that much of my design inspiration comes from film and television (Boardwalk Empire inspired the Ella! )  My new fave is Downton Abbey – the dresses are just darling!

5. Loving Blue
This aqua blue shade is my new favorite color.  I love it so much, I’m drinking it , too! :)

What are you loving this month?

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