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It’s Friday! Time to avoid that spread sheet and take a look at these great links!

Cute!  The Campus Sartorialist showcases well dressed co-eds.

Science confirms what we already knew!  Thinking about giving, not receiving, motivates people to help others.

The lady behind Cosmo – Helen Gurley Brown – was stylish right up until her death at 90.  Bare legs!  Stilettos!  Neon!
Brown thumbed her nose at the notion that women of a certain age should be condemned to shuffle around in flat shoes and colorless clothing for the rest of their lives. She straight up wore what made her happy right to the end.

Helpful! How to organize your stuff without spending any money

How self-acceptance affects the rest of your life
For me, self-acceptance has been the slow integration of who I was presenting as and who I was inside. It was the process of becoming who I already was. It was putting all of my faith in the idea that if I could permit myself to be myself that I could love that person—even when I was afraid to do so.

Would you ever go on a mirror fast?

Let’s all be explorers of the world!

Want to make your supermarket bouquet look fancy?  Here’s how!

What’s the difference between ‘age appropriate’ and ‘occasion appropriate’?

image by pure zen, for sale here

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