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Introducing Our New Brand Ambassador: Cinny of ‘Whirlwind of Surprises’

We’re so excited to be partnering with Cinny of Whirlwind of Surprises as our newest brand ambassador!

Based out of New York City and Canada, Cinny is a medical student and the mommy to JR and Baby Pom.  Fashion, food, and travel top some of Cinny’s favorite things. This fashionista is always on the prowl for versatile items that not only look great, but also, feel great. That doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy her foods though. You’ll often find her experimenting with new foods and restaurants, the last being live, moving octopus! Mmm mmm mmm, yummy!

Last but not least, is travel. Travel is one of Cinny’s passions and she has been fortunate enough to travel through some of Europe, Asia, US and Canada. Her favorite place so far…Paris, France. Close seconds are Thailand and Italy. That’s not enough yet though. She would love to one day be able to visit more places and enjoy the cultural environment and the unique food offerings at each place.

Cinny will be contributing all sorts of great content to the blog (fashion!  travel!  food!) and we look forward to living vicariously through her trip to Hong Kong next month.   You can befriend Cinny on Twitter or Facebook.  Stay tuned to hear about her latest adventures and opinions!

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