Karina Chronicles

Meet Your Maker: January Edition

Each month our fearless founder and namesake Karina Cousineau shares her favorite things of the moment.  Here’s what she likes for January!

1. Green drink
My favorite green drink is made from spinach, kale, cucumber, apple and lime.  It’s a great way to start every day and very easily done with a blender.

 2. Treadmills
They’ve been around forever and are a great workout.  Mine is at the local Y here in Brooklyn and is the perfect activity after a green drink!

3. One fine day
Produced by a dear friend, Megan Hill!  We’re collaborating on a video to come out next month!

4. What I am watching 
So excited that the third season of Downton Abbey  has started!  Yay!  T
he costumes are fab and the drama so addictive!

5.  MODA 
This week Karina Dresses were represented at Moda Manhatten.  This is one of the largest wholesale venues for designers.  I am happy to announce we were well received;)

 Thanks for sharing, Karina!

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