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Circle de Luz + Karina Dresses = Making Change

Here at Karina Dresses, we pride ourselves on our excellent taste in people.  Our brand ambassadors are some of the smartest, coolest, most inspiring women out there. That’s why we’re so excited to announce our involvement with our brand ambassador Rosie Molinary’s non-profit, Circle de Luz

Circle de Luz  empowers young Latinas  through mentoring, holistic programming, and scholarship funds for further education. The group begins working with Latinas in seventh grade and they move through the program as a cohort group until high school graduation. Each Circle de Luz class experiences monthly programs that empower them to be more academically successful, prepare them for their futures, expose them to unique opportunities, encourage them to be responsible for their health and well-being, and contribute to their communities.

Every spring, the group runs a 5k race together. From early February until the end of April, group leaders and participants train together.  The girls are chasing their dreams on those roads and blowing past what they believe to be their upper limits; group leaders are blowing past any financial limits that might exist by raising money for Circle de Luz through the  Run Big Dream Big effort. Through Run Big Dream Big, the volunteer runners commit to raising $375 each for Circle de Luz. As they cross the finish line each year, group leaders celebrate the girls, their phenomenal growth, and the amazing individuals who have made this program possible through financial support.

Where do we come in?  We’re donating dresses for  incentives. For every Saturday training the girls attend, their names will be entered in a raffle to win a Karina dress. For every $50 that a volunteer runner raises for Circle de Luz, she’ll have her name entered in another raffle to win a Karina dress.

Isn’t that lovely?  We’re very honored to be involved in such a great program! If you want to learn more or make a donation, please visit their website

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