Karina Chronicles

Meet Your Maker: March Edition

Each month we ask our intrepid founder and namesake what she’s loving at the moment.  Here’s where Karina Cousineau is finding inspiration this month!

New Orleans
I spent last week in NOLA or “N’awlins” as the locals say.  I stayed in this wonderful B&B.  I loved staying here and would highly recommend it!

The brightly painted homes certainly reflect the lively and colorful culture!

There’s so much music to hear including brass bands, jazz, and one of my favorites “gypsy jazz.”

Okay, there are too many yummy foods to describe – Po’ boys, jambalaya, gumbo, pralines, beignets – let’s just say they’re all wonderful! Don’t miss the Pepper Palace’s Walk of Flame while visiting or the gator jerky :/

Besides the aroma of tasty treats, there’s the beautiful bouquet of the Japanese magnolia and Brazilian trumpet flowers….

Thanks for sharing, Karina!

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