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Frockstar™: Jill Gould, VP of North America Education for Benefit Cosmetics

Name: Jill Gould
Age:  45 and proud of the miles!
Location: San Francisco, CA
Favorite Karina dress: Audrey 3/4 sleeve!
How you know Karina? I bought my first dress in a boutique in Astoria, Queens.  I love my Karina dresses because I travel for work all the time. I can throw them in a bag and pull them out and look fab in a flash!

What are your every day, must-reads, online or off?
Gawker, The Poke, and NPR.org

You’re the VP of North American Education at Benefit Cosmetics.  What products are you loving these days?  
I LOVE my company Benefit! The products I love are to numerous to list here but I will try to edit myself:  Benetint,  They’re Real Mascara, Fake Up Concealer, Porefessional, and High Beam. I also am loving Fresh Soy Face Wash!  LOVE!

Can you us about an average day on the job? 
An average day at Benefit?  There is no average day at Benefit! I develop education content for our employees in store, in the field, and in the corporate office. Some days, I am wearing costumes doing a Press Event for a product, some days I am speaking in front of a large group to try to motivate them to do something fun, some days I am starring way too long at emails, some days I am shooting a video, some days I am coming up with a demonstration of a new product, some days I am strategizing about the education cycle of an employee.  The variety in my job keeps me on my toes and makes me laugh.

If you could give your 16 year old self advice, what would you say?
I would say, “Get over yourself! You are totally cute!!”

Your perfect day.  What would it look like?
WOW! That is a tough one. Right now, a perfect day would be a day to relax and do something outdoors with my family. I have a husband and a 7-year-old son. Right now, I am having a crazy work/life balance moment. I am doing the VP thing and going to Beauty School to get my estheticians license so things are a little nutty-von-fu-fu right now. So all I can think of to say at this moment is just a day with nothing planned except lots of hugs, kisses and time with my boys.

Thanks so much for sharing, Jill! 

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