Karina Chronicles

Mrs American Made Rocks Our American Made Dresses


Frockstar™ Mrs American Made is all about supporting USA made goods and services. So it seems a perfect fit for her to be drawn to our dresses. After all, Karina Dresses are made with love in Brooklyn, New York, and we are proud that our designing, and manufacturing is all done here in the United States. We are also proud that our dresses look as good as they do- and love Mrs American Made’s styling of her recently purchased Karinas. We think her pairing of a smartly tailored jacket with her Megan is a perfect transitional outfit for Fall, and what better way to greet the changes of the season than in a fabulous pair of leather boots with her chocolatey polka dotted Penelope and gorgeous scarf and cloche hat!


Thanks, Mrs American Made for supporting American businesses, like Karina Dresses!

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