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Why a Karina Dress Costs $160: We Focus on Low Cost Per Wear

By Garnet Heraman, Karina Dresses Co-owner

This is one in a series of posts in which we break down why, exactly, our dresses cost what they do. We really, really love our dresses and we think once you know more about all the behind-the-scenes work, you’ll love ’em even more. If that’s possible.

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Karina Dresses are a small part of a big change happening in the garment industry called “Slow Fashion.”  Slow Fashion is not just hemp handbags and recycled socks. It’s about YOU the consumer becoming aware of the whole process–from design through production through use and through the potential to reuse.  It also means buying less, caring for what you own so that it doesn’t end up in a landfill. And it takes an expansive view of “Green” production, one that views Made in America as the obvious choice for products sold here.  This post focuses on buying less stuff, but keeping (and wearing) them longer :

Are you familiar with the concept of cost per wear?  Cost per wear breaks down a garment’s price by how often you wear it.  For example:

$30 sundress from big box store, worn 3 times and dry cleaned once before it got pilly and faded = 30 + 5/3 = $11.66 per wear


$160 Karina dress, worn once  a week for one year =
160/52 = $3.07 per wear

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Crazy, right? And most customers actually use their Karina dress for an average of two years, which would bring the cost per wear down to right around a buck!

And there are heaps of reasons you can wear our dresses for that long!

Our dresses are sewn by hand, by skilled seamstresses and tailors, so you can be sure that each stitch will hold.  For years.  Our dresses are made from premium quality, hand-selected microfiber blend fabrics so they won’t fade, stretch or pill.  And our cuts are classic – so you can be sure we won’t sell you something painfully trendy that will look dated and ridiculous in two months, let alone two years. But don’t just take our word for it, check out what real life ladies are saying about the value they get from our dresses.

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And that, my dears, is why we strive to be the Low-Cost-Per-Wear Producer and not the Low-Cost Producer. Gals who get it, we salute your sense of value. Gals who don’t, well…we just hope you’ll have the good sense try a Karina Dress soon.  No rush. We’ll be right here making dresses when you’re ready. :)

Thank you ladies of the Karina Nation, for all your support and inspiration!

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