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In The Press: Binder Ladies Feature

We are excited to announce that Karina Dresses have been featured in another FABulous blog, The Binder Ladies! What we just love about this article is their focus on not only the dresses, but where our hearts and souls really are.

Not only does Karina Dresses love their customers and put effort, energy and integrity into the creation, design and manufacturing of each dress, they genuinely care about the less fortunate, too.  Karina Cousineau spent time working with Mother Theresa’s organization in Calcutta, and brought that love and inspiration into her company.  Stepping it up a notch form other companies, these dresses are made in America which supports jobs & community development, the environment and the economical growth of our country.  This company just keeps getting better, right?

We think The Binder Ladies really hit the nail on the head. We take great pride in our Made in America frocks, knowing that Made in America supports those who live in America. If you need us, we will be right here in New York, making your favorite dresses!

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