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How to Accessorize a Sleeveless Dress

AprilGoLightlyApril is an energetic real life curvaceous Fashionista, loving Mother, and Wife with a passion for life and fashion. Karina Dresses is a dress for mom on the go! April’s fashion sense started early, pulling pages out of magazines to construct her dream closet as a young girl. In order to satiate her habit for all things beautiful, she mixes high and low end pieces. You can find April on April GoLightly, Twitter @April_GoLightly, Instragram @AprilGoLightly, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTUBE, and Bloglovin.

Not everyone is comfortable rocking a sleeveless dress whether it is because they don’t like their arms or because they don’t feel comfortable bearing their arms. I am sometimes in the latter category because of work, religious ceremonies or even mom groups.

Sleeveless Dress

  • Cardigans: During the spring, my go-to accessory is a basic white cardigan. This year I went outside the box by matching my cardigan to my bag. This Land’s End Seafoam blue cardigan looks awesome with the Kate Spade Celeste Blue. All of it would look great with the new spring prints from Karina Dresses including, but not limited to Red Lily and Pink Lily.

Sleeveless Dress

  • Blazer: The next perfect accessory for a sleeveless dress is a blazer. Get a blazer that works for your body. Hourglass figures should choose Blazers that cinch at the waist. Here is an awesome article that explains how to pick the perfect jacket for your body type.
  • Layer: If your dress has some room on top, you can layer a top underneath it. Tops that look good under dresses are crew neck tops and button down shirts. The look reminds me of Victorians and schoolgirl uniforms. This is something that you have to try to see if it works for a specific dress. Not all dresses can be layered in this way.

Sleeveless Dress

  • Make your Dress a Skirt: Layer a top over a sleeveless, to get more wear out of your dress. You can layer a button down and tie it at the front. Also, you can layer crew neck top over the dress and belt the top at your waist. Here is a great video on how to do it.
  • Shrug: Shrugs are small jackets that can change the look of a dress. It is an easy way to cover your arms without adding too much fabric. They can be light and airy made of lace or lightly knitted material.
  • Bolero: A bolero is sometimes confused with a shrug. Boleros are jackets sewn from a tightly woven material and cropped like a shrug. A bolero is a great option for a sleeveless dress.
  • Pashmina: Pashmina wraps are a kind of wrap or scarf that adds arm and shoulders coverage. It is the easiest item to add when a cool breeze comes on suddenly. You can keep it your bag just in case. These oversized scarves are perfect for dressy occasion or weddings. Pashminas work as an extra layer in the cold weather so you will get good bang for your buck.

Sleeveless Dress

  • Vest: Layer a cute vest over your sleeveless dress, to add a little extra style to your look. This keeps your arms out, but still looks fabulous.

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