the dresses

Karina Dresses - Video Line Sheet from Karina Dresses on Vimeo.

We make dresses for women who live the Frockstar™ lifestyle by following this simple design philosophy: FITS GREAT, FEELS GREAT We admit it, we're obsessed with getting the fit right on our dresses because we know how much it affects womens' image of themselves, either positively or negatively. Our dresses are made of limited edition microfiber fabric that is flattering, breathable, and durable. They fit great and are very flattering - they will be there for you, five pounds up or down, and all through your pregnancy, too!

EASY WEAR, EASY CARE Another confession: we don't like going to the dry cleaners (expensive) and there's all those harsh chemicals they use - scary toxic stuff! Karina Dresses are all machine washable, drip dry, and they never, ever need ironing!

MORE GREEN, LESS GREEN Karina Dresses are all made with love in the USA by happy seamstresses earning a living wage. That makes us have a much better carbon footprint than any company producing apparel in China or India. which, unfortunately, is the case with most clothing labels sold into the American market. Our dresses are designed for busy, multi-tasking gals as they do the stuff that makes their life truly authentic: family, romance, work, volunteering, travel, pregnancy, spiritual growth, exercise, creative work, DIY projects - the list is as long as women are diverse! A versatile Karina dress will see you through all of it with style and ease.

EIGHTEEN to EIGHTY Karina Dresses are classic styles that suit women of all ages - 18-80!