Making Face Masks for our Community

Over 10,000 Masks To Be Distributed!

Here at Karina Dresses, we care about not only customers but our community as well. 

When I first began my business back in 2008, I knew that my clothing company would uphold the same strong set of beliefs and convictions that I hold about making the world a better place through positivity, gratitude and self-acceptance. So it should come as no surprise that when I learned about the shortage of face masks for health care workers due to the global pandemic known as COVID-19, I immediately began utilizing my network of suppliers and manufacturing resources to make cloth face masks for my community. Here is a look at our process and how we are making a difference in our upstate New York community:

We went through our fabric to see what we could utilize. We had several hundred yards of printed cotton fabric immediately available to us.

The masks are cut using an industrial cutting machine. This helps us to get them cut and sewn as quickly as possible. We cut up to 25 layers of fabric at a time!

Once they are cut, the fabric masks are compiled into kits that local sewers will complete and help us distribute to those who need them!


Join us

Even if you can't sew, there are ways you can still help. If you'd like to make a private donation to help us continue to distribute masks to those who need them, please email us at info@karinadresses.com 

Your donation will be going towards purchasing supplies. I will continue to coordinate and organize the project for as long as it is needed and useful to my community.

If you do sew, join us by making face masks for your community! Here are some resources to help you get started. Start small, think big!

Download Your Own Mask Pattern at Home

There are several free sewing patterns available if you are interested in making masks for your family, friends and community. Here are a few links to get you started:

Fu Mask: Courtesy of FreeSewing.org

Face Mask with Elastic or Ties: Courtesy of Deaconess Hospital (link includes video tutorial)

Face Mask with Filter Pocket: Courtesy of Instructables.com

Video Tutorials

Here is a great video tutorial you can use for reference if you are looking to make your own masks for your family or your community. 

One of our sewers, Michelle, made several YouTube videos to demonstrate how to make a mask as well!

Watch Michelle's detailed mask making videos here.

Finally, if you live in the Kingston, NY area and you would like to volunteer your sewing skills please contact us via email ONLY: info@karinadresses.com. Please no phone calls or social media messages. Email is the easiest way for us to stay organized with communication about this project. Thank you for your understating!