Karina Chronicles

The Secrets of Happiness

Halley is an international writer and blogger for the adventurous who want to tap into the joy in life. She photocopies the hundreds of postcards from SOS: Send Love, which is metamorphosing into a book of love, travel and postcards in a time of darkness. Find her on her blog. Life of Something New, twitter or email. This past weekend was […]

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Woman We Love: Kara Suzanne

Today we have an exciting guest for the ‘Woman We Love‘ series – Kara Suzanne, glorious songbird. Name: Stage name: Kara Suzanne – married name Kara Suzanne Pugh Age: 33 Location: New York, NY Online homes: Blog Favorite Karina dress: Megan, marisa, penelope You’re both a musician and a model!  Can you tell us about your average day? I’m actually […]

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