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How to Shine in Polka Dots

Based out of Minnesota and Canada, Cinny is the mommy to JR and Baby Pom. When not working or studying full time, she can be found working on Whirlwind of Surprises or cuddling with her hubby and playing with her dogs. She shines in the warm company of friends and family and enjoys playing with her 3 little nephews. Say hi on FacebookPinterestGoogle+Instagram, or Twitter. Grab this gorgeous Penelope dress.
Polka dots are such a fun and classic pattern yet people sometimes shy away from the boldness of the pattern. I, too, used to be one of those people. I had nothing with polka dots on it. I just couldn’t figure out how to best wear it. Now, I’ve been converted and I’m never going back! I now very proudly own a wonderful assortment of classic polka dot Karina Dresses and love every single one. Learn how to shine in polka dots with these 5 essential tips and wear them dots with pride!
5 Tips on How to Shine in Polka Dots
1)   Color matching –If your polka dot dress is darker like the V-neck Penelope that I’m wearing in the picture below, pair it with lighter accessories that help to bring a pop of color to the outfit. Or if it’s a brighter dress to begin with, then go with darker accessories and let the dress shine through on it’s own.
2)   Less is more –There’s already a pattern going on with polka dots. Don’t over do it and let the dots be the main statement piece. Overcrowding a look can make it look tacky and excessive.
3)   Go for a dress –As you know, I own many Karina Dresses now, many of which are adorned with various polka dot colors. Style works so much better when you’re comfortable throughout the day.
4)   Pair it with a solid colored jacket –This is for those of you starting to adventure out into the polka dot world. A solid color jacket tones down the look until you’re ready to embrace the dots!
5)   Be adventurous –The polka dot is a classic look that’s feminine yet fun. Try pairing it with other patterns to enhance the look. As long as you’re working with similar shades, the outcome is fabulous!
Now, which are you? Polka dot lover, hater, or somewhere in between?

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