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Karina Chronicles

Woman We Love: Kara Suzanne

Today we have an exciting guest for the ‘Woman We Love‘ series – Kara Suzanne, glorious songbird.
Name: Stage name: Kara Suzanne – married name Kara Suzanne Pugh
Age: 33
Location: New York, NY
Online homes: Blog
Favorite Karina dress: Megan, Marisa, Penelope
You’re both a musician and a model!  Can you tell us about your average day?
I’m actually not a model (only for Karina). That’s super flattering but I’m not sure how that rumor came about. Perhaps it’s because I used to work for several modeling agencies as booker and controller. It can give a person a definite complex when you’re telling girls half your size that they are too heavy. It was hard for me for many years but eventually emerged with a great body image, don’t ask me how. It might have something to do with the old axium: the harsher the conditions, the tougher you get. It’s a good thing too since the last thing I want to think about when I’m on stage sharing music with people is what I look like. I like to think what I sound like is more important, although these days that might not be as true sadly.
What are your every day, must-reads, online or off? 
I read the NYTimes. I love a blog called How To Be A Retronaut, also Awesome People Hanging Out Together is a favorite. I check out Two Nerdy History Girls daily, because I can relate;) Also my music producer husband’s blog and my brilliantly talented brother in laws: here and here

Do you think the fashion industry is making steps to be more inclusive? 

Yes, I think they’ve had to because the average size of American women is size 14. Although I think most fashion houses resist. In high fashion, it seems there is still a great prejudice against larger women. It’s been really cool however to see them included here and there, more so than ten years ago.
Your perfect day.  What would it look like? 
My wedding day was pretty perfect, so we can use that as a base: People I love, my man, good food and wine. Everyone feeling the love. A perfect warm sunny day in Oregon, which is an incredibly rarity. On a vineyard overlooking the Cascades with eagles soaring overhead (or perhaps it was a carrion birds circling, but we were too blissed out to care;) I’d then end the day playing the perfect gig: tight band, great venue, sold out show with attentive audience who are giving the love as much as they’re getting. That’s the kind of show I call The Willie Nelson, the ultimate showman I strive to emulate. That would be my perfect day… well actually now that I think about it let’s add Willie playing with me, and then hanging out with the band in his bus later..;)

Mar 24, 2021

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