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The Secrets of Happiness

Halley is an international writer and blogger for the adventurous who want to tap into the joy in life. She photocopies the hundreds of postcards from SOS: Send Love, which is metamorphosing into a book of love, travel and postcards in a time of darkness. Find her on her blog. Life of Something New, twitter or email.

This past weekend was full of laughter, friends, and bear hugs. On Monday I felt happier than ever, I returned to work with a bounce in my step and a smile on my lips.

Earlier this year I hid myself away from the world. Not wanting to leave my comfort zone and making myself look busy so I could make excuses from events. It made me very unhappy. In my mind I thought I needed to give myself a little more time to ‘be ready’ for making friends and getting out there but it turns out I was mistaken. What I really needed to do was build relationships with people I admire and enjoy. To include others into my life and learn more about theirs. To make the effort and time for friends.

So here is the secret to happiness … community.  Build yourself a community of lovely and supportive people and you’re rich. Richer than you’ve ever dreamt.

Ways to build yourself a community:

Common interest: Sports, video games, food, design, fashion, books, movies all of these have the ability to spark a bond between people

Take a risk: Invite that cool girl/guy who you talk to every day to a poetry slam, going-away drinks, fashion show or movie night!

Be positive: Encourage people by letting them know how much you enjoy them being there.

Show people you care: Notice them, remember what they say, compliment them, ask for their advice.

Organize events: Build it and they will come. Organize it and they will show. Don’t worry about some of them don’t show up! Just appreciate the people who do and have tons of fun.

Encourage friendships: I have two friends who love running so I introduced them and let them know they’re both running fans! Now they’re closer than ever and I get to enjoy two more happy people in my life.

How do you build your community? How do you bring people together?

image credit: Ashlee Cat

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