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You’re Talkin’ ‘Bout: Fall Fashion

What do those fabulous fashion bloggers do when the weather starts to turn?  We wanted to know – so we asked!

I love fall in all its glory – the food, the weather, and the clothes.  The easiest part of transitioning from summer to fall is the layers.  How else would a girl power through the cold mornings, hot afternoons, and cool evenings?  I like to take something simple like a favorite summer dress and pair it with some black tights, a cute cardigan, and on extra chilly mornings a fun scarf.  Accessories tend to be one of my favorite things this time of year too, manifested in chunky fun necklaces, scarves, and colorful earrings.  The possibilities are endless!  The key is to have fun…fall is the best time of year and should be celebrated! – Heather, Heather’s Dish

Fall comes fast and furious in Toronto and by late August you begin to notice leaves falling from trees and night coming quicker than before. It’s at this time that I begin to ponder my favourite Fall fashion trend: boots! After spending a summer in flip flops and sandals, the idea of some sturdy statement-making footwear is a welcome diversion from thoughts of the cold months ahead.

Fall is short here and the precious timeline for footwear that doesn’t protect from ice and snow makes the purchase almost frivolous, but so necessary at the same time. For me, the perfect Fall boots are rather timeless, in the classic riding style, with no/low heel in brown or black, paired with skinny jeans and an over-sized cable knit sweater. The season for such footwear lasts about six weeks but that’s OK because you can wear them again next year! Laura Connell, For Those About To Shop

Although I’ve sworn off pants for YEARS, the recent spate of bright, colorful pants has me reconsidering my anti-pant stance. Everyone from J.Crew to Jil Sander tackled this trend for FW11, and now the malls are brimming with pants in bold, saturated hues and a wide variety of cuts and styles. And even better? This is one of many hot trends that can be easily thrifted! Consignment and thrift stores are loaded with bright pants in tons of chic colors, and also offer up pale slacks and jeans that can be easily overdyed. – Sally McGraw, Already Pretty

Pitting plaid against stripes on your fashion palette is usually a losing battle, right? Wrong! Here’s why: a trend this fall is to strategically layer textures and patterns, creating a bold fashion statement while still allowing room to be taken seriously.

Here’s what I recommend: find the ‘core color’ of your outfit. Try red. Whether in a grey suit or well-fitted denim, a plaid shirt and striped tie will work as long as red flows through both evenly. Finish it off with a pair of solid red socks and you are picture-perfect.

Now go conquer the season. – Johnny Tsokos, The Everyday Gentleman 

What’s your favorite fall fashion trend?

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