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Closet Envy: Kaelah B. of Little Chief Honeybee

Blogger, designer and small business owner Kaelah B. could practically make a living being professionally adorable.  And her closet is so cute she can display her goodies out in the open!  

Name: Kaelah Beauregarde

Location: Nashville, TN

Linksblog // twitter // etsy // mobile boutique

What’s your favorite item in your closet at the moment?
It literally changes with the hour but I’ve been getting a kick out of wearing my olive Gee WaWa Flora wedges lately since the color is so perfect for welcoming in Autumn.

Do you share your closet with anyone?  Any advice for sharing space peacefully?
My closet space is mine all mine! My fiance and I live in an industrious factory-converted-loft so he (not-so) neatly stores his stuff in a chest of drawers and mine is shown on display. He doesn’t mind it but I do think he gets a bit tired of hearing “I need another shoe rack!” We’ve always had separate closets so I’m probably the worst to solicit advice!

Do you have any super genius storage/organization tips to share?
I wanted my “closet” to feel almost like a little boutique that I could shop in everyday. While it may not be super genius, it does help me get pumped to get dressed in the morning. I snagged the white cubby shelves at WalMart for $12 and stack them one on top of the other to help create little storage spaces. They’re the perfect size for a killer pair of platforms or a few handbags! I say don’t be afraid of creating your own closet! I’ve never had so much storage space in my life and it was because we decided to essentially make our own!

What items would your fantasy closet include?
Oh my stars, It’d be overflowing with Betsey Johnson tea party dresses, a plethora of black, studded motorcycle jackets, and as many 1950’s day dresses I could shove in there! What a dream!

Best type of hanger: wooden, plastic, or those puffy satin ones?
I think they all have their advantages, but if outfitting my closet wouldn’t cost two month’s rent then I’d have the super skinny velvet hangers! No slip, pretty colors, and maximizing space! For now I’ll stick with my cheap plastic hangers!

Thanks so much for the tour, Kaelah!

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