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Looking to procrastinate a bit this Friday?  Let us assist you in that endeavor…

4 monochrome outfits to try this season.

It makes you think – Disordered eating or eating disorder?

Do you struggle with self denial?

Great shops for women of all sizes!

Life can get hectic. Why not… sit down for dinner? 

Top tips for beautiful lips this Fall.

How to be smarter, prettier and less awkward.

Mind the gap – long skirts and boots. 

Dark colors are classic for Fall and Winter but why not add something bright?

Moss in design – inside and out.

Let’s get rid of our old clothes here’s how to sell clothes on Ebay.

Puddle jumpers!

Intriguing, on being “gay”, looking straight and a new generation of queer. 

Love your body! Right. Now. 

 Have a fantastic weekend!

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