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You’re Talkin’ ‘Bout: Self Confidence

We asked some of our favorite bloggers how they maintain their self confidence in a world of air-brushed models and diet cola.  Here’s what they had to say:

My first burlesque class, sailing around the Caribbean, learning Japanese – pushing my comfort builds me up like nothing else. I trust in my ability to weather any storm and solve any problem that comes my way. Doing the right thing for yourself and pushing yourself to try new things builds the foundation of character – self-confidence. So try something new. Step outside your everyday life and your confidence will grow.

– Halley,  Life of Something New

Walk with your head held high. Meet strangers’ eyes. Smile at them, whether you receive one or not. Throw your shoulders back. Let yourself be seen. Dress up. Be the best you. Sometimes you can change what’s happening inside by the way you carry yourself on the outside. Act like you value yourself, even if you feel like you’re not worth much. Keep it up, and you will catch a glimpse of the true you. And baby, that person is awesome. That person is someone I cannot wait to meet, to be friends with, to love and be loved by.

– Freya, Freya West

I’m awkward. I drop things. I have a big nose, flat chest, and cute full lips that don’t match anything else on my face. I’m ask my genes, “What happened here?” And at the same time, I like being different. Being different is cool. It’s striking. It’s funny, and fun, and powerful. It’s also the hardest thing to be, so when you get good at it, it’s a huge accomplishment. When I feel insecure, I look at, instead of away from my strong nose. It knows what it’s doing. It looks proud. And underneath, I’m proud of it, too.

– Kate Fridkis, Eat The Damn Cake 

 What about you?  What do you do to boost your confidence?

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