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Karina Chronicles

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TGFL!  That means “Thank Goodness For Links!”

Things 90’s movie stars wore and I tried to wear too. Curse you, cropped top!

It’s so important for everyone – self care.

Does sharing your dreams with others help make them true?

Going to NYC? Pack light with a six piece wardrobe.

On feeling small and learning to be brave.

What happens when you realize you don’t have a best friend?

My body gallery shows us what real women look like.

Einstein’s quotes can be applied to fashion?!

Are you living in the past?

Evolve your style with items that aren’t ‘you’. 

OPI has a collection inspired by The Muppets coming out! Hello, Miss Piggy!

What to wear when you talk to style editors. Whew.

This dress with cutouts is gorgeous, would you wear it?

Single or married: 20 things for you to do.  

Floral, plaid and polka dots, oh my!

What great links did you find this week?  Leave ’em in the comments section!

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