Karina Chronicles

Inside Karina’s Creative Process

We wanted to know where our founder, creative director and all-around-amazing lady Karina Cousineau gets her great ideas.  What does her day look like?  And does she wear her own dresses?

When did you start designing dresses?

When I was 10, my mom taught me how to sew and I started making patterns then and never stopped.  My first paying job for designing was for a company S.L.I.L (Space Island Light Industries) in Bali, Indonesia  when I was 21 years old.

Where do you find inspiration?
Film is my biggest influences, especially period pieces!

Do you ever get stuck? 

Always!  I go to a play, or some type of performance  or to a museum. Seeing other creative medias gets me feeling super motivated!

Tell us a bit about your creative process.
I sketch in the early morn (dawn) or very late at night.  I’m the most productive  when everything is quiet and still.  No one sees my drawings except for our cutter and head tailor.

How long does it take for a sketch to become a dress that you’re selling on your website?

The idea of a dress can become a sample in as little as a day.  Because we do our own production, a dress run can be done in a week.  New dresses don’t go on our website but our star stores get to try them and our fans give us feedback.

What advice would you give to fledgling fashion designers?

The best advice I could give is to design for your customer without ego but with kindness, love and ease.  Your clients will feel this!

Thanks for sharing, Karina!

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