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Woman We Love: Imogen of ‘Inside Out Style’

Did you know the internet is populated with smart, funny, interesting women? Yes! We know lots of these women so we thought it was high time we introduced them to you. And thus: our post series – Woman We Love.

Name: Imogen Lamport
Age: 43
Location: Melbourne Australia
Online homes: blog // facebook // twitter // website
Favorite Karina dress:  Gala

Tell us what makes your blog different from all the other fashion blogs out there?
I think Inside Out Style is quite different from any of the other fashion and style blogs as it comes from my “how does that work” perspective on life.  I realised quite early on in my life that if I’m to remember what to do, I need to understand the how and the why – once it makes sense to me, then I can replicate.

I’m also a believer in the Einstein philosophy – “If you can’t explain it simply enough then you don’t understand it well enough.”  Writing my blog has been a way for me to try and simplify the many concepts of style into the rudimentary reasons why something does or doesn’t work.

What are your every day, must-reads, online or off?
I love the The Age newspaper (the Melbourne broadsheet) on the weekends – it’s one of my little luxuries in life to read the paper on the weekend either over brunch or in bed.

These days I try and read a little before bed that will maybe give me some new ideas in my life – at the moment I’m reading Tim Ferriss’s 4 Hour Work Week (old fashioned paper book) and Social BOOM by Jeffrey Gitomer on my ipad.

Blogs I regularly enjoy include:  Decoding Dress, Une Femme d’un certain age, Already Pretty, Colour Me Happy but as a single mother of two primary school aged children I get nowhere near enough time to read everyday – instead I tend to read a bunch of posts at once all in one go!  These days I also read a lot about blogging and social media – always trying to improve – so Social Media Examiner, ProBlogger and Mashable are regular reads on these topics.

Magazines I subscribe to – In Style (Australian edition) and Shop til you Drop and Lucky (US) to keep me up with trends and what the major chain stores are doing.  Plus I often use the cover headlines to crib ideas for blog posts!

You’re something of a DIY guru.  What are you top three DIY projects – particularly for the less skilled seamstresses among us?
Ruching tops that are too long in the sleeve or in the body.

Moving buttons on jackets to make them fit better for your body.

Taking in the side seams of trousers that look jodpur like on my thighs.

Bonus fourth – sewing closed diagonal pockets and then cutting the pocket out of the trouser.

Are there any DIYs you’ve attempted and realized you should have left to a professional?
For the life of me I’ve never been able to do a jeans style zipper – I can put a regular zip in a skirt, but the covered zip confounds me.

Also, I’m not great at invisible hems – I took up my own wedding dress and when I look at the pictures what I see is the hem.

Your perfect day.  What would it look like?
My perfect day doesn’t exist – I like change and would hate to have a perfect groundhog day!  Things I love doing include:

Catching up with a girlfriend for brunch.  Writing and scheduling a whole bunch of blog posts. Cuddling my kids. Walking my whippet. Dinner with friends. Travelling to new destinations and exploring cities. Working with my lovely clients. Creating new products to use with my clients. Training image consultants and personal stylists. Shopping in my favorite boutiques. Talking shop with my image consultant colleagues.

Thanks so much for sharing, Imogen!

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