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Closet Envy: Linda of Little Tin Soldier

Everybody loves a bit of stylish home voyeurism, right? Let’s take a peek inside the closets of our favorite bloggers!

Name: Linda
Location: Texas
Blog: Little Tin Soldier
Twitter: @littletinlinda

What’s your favorite item in your closet at the moment?
My favorite item is a silk blouse. I own them in many colors and swear by them. They look great with skirts, jeans, pants, and even shorts. I wear mine rolled up to the elbows, sometimes tucked in, and other times left out.

You share a closet with your mister.  Any tips for sharing space peacefully?
My boyfriend and I have designated sections of our closet, noted by cardboard letters that spell out HIS and HERS. I hang my dresses and tunics on the taller closet rod, and we share space on the double rods towards the rear of the closet. He’s quite generous as most of the clothing in our closet belongs to me, and we divide the space according to that ratio.

I also keep in mind that specific items (such as blouses, dress shirts, and dresses) need hangers to keep their shape. If you’re hanging up tee shirts or old college sweatshirts, it’s time to share the closet. Tees, jeans, and sweaters are perfectly happy in drawers. To save space, we only keep seasonal items in the closet and bulky pieces like wool coats and jackets stay in a spare bedroom.

Do you have any super genius storage/organization tips to share?
Like many women, I organize my tops and dresses by color. It’s easier to find an item that way. I use the center console of our closet to store handbags, and I keep scarves and belts corralled in nylon bins from Ikea. My shoes sit on a small rack underneath my dresses. I think you should be able to go into a closet, get what you need, and get out in less than ten minutes.

Best type of hanger: wooden, plastic, or those puffy satin ones?
I use velvet hangers. They’re more pricey than traditional hangers, but they provide a non-slip grip for dresses and blouses. They come in a variety of fun colors, and the slim design allows you to use more hangers if needed in a smaller space.

Thanks so much for the tour, Linda!

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