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How To Deal When You’re So. Freakin.’ Busy.

Danielle Dowling, MA, is pursing her doctorate in psychology + is a relationship expert who helps women get the man and a bad-ass life. If you’re seeking: freedom+ fully-realized potential, legendary love +meaningful romance, razor sharp consciousness+ effortless communication pop by her blog for regular doses of awesome.

I’m stuffed.

I run around like a mad woman.  I’m intense, focused.  Hey, I got somewhere to be, so speak quick.

There is a laundry list of responsibilities: Work + graduate school,
friends, family, gym + boyfriend.  And yup, it’s all full-time.

Sound familiar?

With every inch of the day packed to the hilt with to-do’s + distractions–
does it ever leave you wondering who is at the steering wheel?

The truth is we’re distracted. Overbooked, over agenda-ed, too popular for our own good. However you wanna slice + dice it, we’re too. frickin’. busy.

Who has the time to tap into their innate power, when we’re numbed out by the demands of work, domestic chores, excessive indulgences (TV, alcohol, drugs, shopping, sex) and complaining + blaming? (Yep, those take time + energy, too.)

Me, you – we all overstuff — to avoid feeling a particular set of perhaps unsettling thoughts + revelations.

So what are we hiding from when we avoid awake-ness?  When we cram our days to the gills?

From our POWER, of course. Busyness is not only a weapon against pain, but the ultimate distraction from our own innate power.

I’m practicing silence + making space.
I’m learning to be generous to my true nature.

I have discovered that when I slow down…
…stay home, leave the TV off, turn the ringer off, open the windows, light a candle, BREATHE…

I am not enveloped by my pain, but rather sharply aware of my infinite power.

My agency. My authority. My ability to choose, and create.

The road to self enlightenment + actualization is yours to define.

Exercise the courage to NOT fill up your space. (or, fill ‘er up less)
The joy that is YOU is here in this place. Without any accessories, activities or ‘extras.’

Be spacious. Be empty. Be quiet.

Believe me, it’s good.

How do you deal when you’re totally-over-the-top busy?

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