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Woman We Love: Pam Lutrell of ‘Over 50, Feeling 40′

Did you know the internet is populated with smart, funny, interesting women? Yes! We know lots of these women so we thought it was high time we introduced them to you. And thus: our post series – Woman We Love.

  Pam Lutrell
Age:  58 (and feeling 40!)
Location: San Antonio, TX
Online homes: blog // twitter //my blog for the San Antonio Express News

What are your must reads – online and off?
Personal Must Read:
  Daily Devotion and Bible

Work-Related Must Reads:  The San Antonio Express News; the Washington Post; Wall Street Journal; Drudge Report; the Daily Caller

Blog-Related Must Reads:
A Femme d’Un Certain Age, Inspired Design, Elegant Bohemian, Not Dead Yet Style, Fashion Over Fifty, The Citizen Rosebud, Mis Papelicos

There are many others I try to read every day. So many great ladies writing blogs now and I always learn from all of them.

You write about fashion for the 40+ crowd.  Can you share your top three tips?
1. Love who you are right now, today.  Love your current body type and learn to dress it in a flattering way. Stop waiting for things to change. Love yourself today – life is short.  If you step up your style, pamper yourself, and have good health habits then you will walk with more strength and confidence.

2. Give yourself permission to spend time and money on you.  Do not give everything you have to others and not take time to pamper yourself.  Make sure you are a priority on the list.

3. Pick five messages you would like to send with your clothing and do not buy anything unless it fits within your five guidelines.  I call this creating your personal style with the Foundation Five.

Are there any trends or styles you think should be limited to the 20 somethings of the world? 
Style is personal and each of us is a blank canvas ready for the portrait of our choice.  You have to decide what is right for you and then walk in it.  I personally will never wear mini-skirts, but I know some 50+ women who look awesome in theme.   For me, I want to communicate with dignified, classic style so for me there are many things 20 year olds wear that I might not, but each woman has to decide her own messages.

You’re a teacher by day and a blogger by night.  What are three things that your students have taught you?
They have taught me so much!  They taught me that with the right inspiration and prodding teenagers can do anything!  They’re capable of great accomplishments and have literally blown me away with their talents.

They have taught me to laugh, be patient, be open to change, and to be present in the moment.  Sometimes they just need a friend to talk with and to believe in them.

What would you perfect day look like?
I love being a reporter and freelance writer, so for me a perfect day is grabbing a nonfat latte and heading out to find stories to cover.  It might be an event or a new boutique but there is always something to write about.

Thanks for sharing, Pam!

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