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How to be absolutely perfect in only ONE HOUR A DAY!

Julie Merriman Wray has owned and operated seven different businesses (!), married the man of her dreams, raised the cutest toddler ever.  These days she blogs at Olivine’s Charm School about life, self-love and sparkles.  Stop over and have a look!

Studies have shown that the average woman spends about an hour a day thinking about the size of her body, the amount of exercise she has gotten and what she has eaten that day – all in the name of achieving perfection.  And sadly, this starts at about the age of 12.  If you average this out over a lifetime you will see that we waste about three solid years of our lives thinking about how much we suck.  There are no words to describe how ridiculous and sad this is.  Does your day look anything like this?

♥ One minute debating whether to have a scone and “be really bad” or have a sugar free muffin and “be good”.  Now you spend two minutes berating yourself for choosing to “be bad”

♥ Five minutes figuring out what you have in your closet that doesn’t make you look pregnant.  Five minutes finally picking out some things that will do.  Two minutes spent thinking about how you need to lose weight to fit into your clothes.

♥ Three minutes looking at your face in the mirror and wondering why your face is broken out, you have bags under your eyes and your crows feet are getting ready to take off.

♥ Three minutes thinking about how you want to be thin for next summer.  Two minutes thinking about what you ate yesterday and one minute thinking about what you will eat for lunch.

♥ Two minutes thinking about whether you should have the vegetable soup or the enchiladas that you really want.  One minute thinking about how hungry you are after you eat the soup.

♥ Four minutes reading an article about how skinny all the celebs are right now.  One minute being angry at yourself for reading such nonsense.  Five minutes thinking about how you can’t believe that women waste so much time on this nonsense.

♥ One minute standing in line at the coffee shop wondering which sugary coffee drink has the least amount of calories.

♥ One minute trying to talk yourself out of ordering dessert with dinner.  One minute going over everything you ate all day and coming up with a way to justify it.

♥ Two minutes thinking about how little willpower you have.  Three minutes going over how it’s no wonder that you don’t look good in a bathing suit.  One minute promising yourself that you will be good all day tomorrow.

When it’s all spelled out does it seem like a completely idiotic waste of time?  Do you want to make some changes in how you choose to spend your time? I know I do!

How much time each day do you spend on these thoughts?  How much time do you spend on self love?

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