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Five New Ways To Pamper Yourself

Halley is an international writer and blogger for the adventurous who want to tap into the joy in life. She photocopies the hundreds of postcards from SOS: Send Love, which is metamorphosing into a book of love, travel and postcards in a time of darkness. Find her on her blog. Life of Something New, twitter or email.

Because you deserve it. Although we’d all love a maid to wait on us hand and foot,  most of our budgets don’t stretch that far. So let’s pamper ourselves by paying attention to what we love and getting in touch with the beauty around us.

Body contact.
We need seven hugs a day to function properly. Time to cash in – hug parents, siblings, friends, cats, dogs, squirrels {bonus points there} so that you can feel connected. High fives will do in a pinch. Massage  would be fantastic if you’ve got the funds.

Learn something new.
Indulge your desire to learn Portuguese, make candles, navigate the oceans or  separate DNA.

Go to the greatest place in the world.
I want you to go… outside. Breathe in that sweet spring air, walk through crunchy autumn leaves, throw snowballs in a winter wonderland, bask in summer sunshine. Get out there and feel alive.

Upgrade your basics.
Ask for make-up ideas at beauty counters, talk to a hairdresser about new hair styles, or turn your Learner’s License into a Full.

Develop a new habit.
Replace that nail-biting with nail-painting, the continuous TV watching with a rejuvenating stroll outside, or cook an exquisite meal instead of quick take-out.

How do you pamper yourself?

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