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Getting Over ‘Someday’ Syndrome

Davinia is a student and a writer who loves to blog about all manner of things: from travel to self-image, technology to writing skills. She also blogs about life since her big move from Malta to Dublin. You can read her blog here, and follow her on Twitter.

I’m guilty, and have always been guilty, of something I am not proud of. It’s something I call the ‘someday syndrome,’ and it’s something which affects almost all of us.

The someday syndrome is when you put off your hopes and dreams, saying you’ll get round to them ‘someday.’ It’s when you forgive yourself for not being the best you can be, saying that your circumstances are to blame for your procrastination.

You know what I’m talking about. It’s fine, I’ll tell myself – I can’t put aside enough time to write every day because I’m so busy. I’m sure that when I’m older, I’ll be better equipped to start my own business. I can’t write songs, because my piano is somewhat out of tune.

The truth is, making a change isn’t easy.  Once you’ve settled into a comfortable routine, it’s not easy to break the cycle. It’s how you become stuck in a rut. You might not be happy, but your days are all mapped out.

The thing is, that scares me. I believe we’re put on this world so that we can grow, so that we can learn all there is to learn. We’re not here just to be comfortable.  We have to push boundaries and evolve and excel! I hate it when I catch myself saying ‘Someday I’ll…’

Why someday? Why not now? What’s wrong with now?

It’s easier to procrastinate than admit we’re afraid of change. But change is good and we all know that. Let’s stop saying ‘someday’ and start saying ‘right now, this very moment’.

Let’s love ourselves NOW, not when we’ve lost or gained weight. Let’s exercise NOW, not when the weather is warmer or cooler.  Take photographs NOW, not when we can afford a professional camera – use a disposable camera if you need to, or borrow one.  Make friends NOW, not when we move to another country.  Read more NOW, not when we find a job with better hours.

The truth is, someday may never come.  Don’t wait until it’s too late to be the person you want to be, to be happy. Be that person now. Right now.

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