Karina Chronicles

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The power of the third piece to bring your outfit to its glory.

tour of Courtney Love’s closet! One of our favorite things, right?

Ugh, sometimes manipulative people can’t be avoided, how to deal with them.

Dressing up the “I give up” pants.

Ever wanted to feel like you’re Parisian – chic, elegant and sopshticated? Now you can fake it.

Building communities around self-love and personal growth, beautiful.

Ever have to explain Facebook and Twitter to someone who doesn’t use it? Exasperatingly funny.

Spiritual wealth = physical health.

An open letter to an unhappy swan, what happens when the ugly duckling gets her wish. This is a multilayered delight of great advice for all of us.

Why beauty isn’t pain and how not to be a pretty masochist.

field guide to cardigans and the perfect way to wear them.

Have you ever drifted over the lines? Time to start recruiting cute basics from the men’s isle!

Anything inspire/fascinate/tickle your funny bone on the net this week?

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