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Woman We Love: Kirstin Marie

What a lovely surprise! We have Kirstin Marie with her rocking fashion as one of the ‘Woman We Love.’

Name: Kirstin
Age: 27
Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Online homes: Blog//Twitter //Facebook //Pinterest

Tell us. What makes your blog different from all the other fashion blogs out there? 

My blog is more predominantly a personal style blog rather than a fashion blog. Being a curvier gal in the style/fashion blogger industry is still an up & coming thing, but it’s getting there! I love posting my outfits, thrifting & consignment finds, shopping tips (especially for financial reasons), inspirations, and so much more. It really shows that fashion, style & beauty comes in all shapes & sizes, and does not have to cost you an arm & a leg.

What are your every day, must-reads, online or off?

Most of my must-reads on online lately. I absolutely love reading other blogs, and get so much inspiration from them. A few of my favorites are Girl with Curves, Grit & Glamour, Little Chief Honeybee, & Statements in Fashion.

You create heaps of great DIYs on your blog.  Can you share some of your favorites?

My favorite DIY’s I’ve created are my Floral Maryjanes & the bow bracelet. I do love my make up tutorials that are part of my Beauty Thursday posts – it’s fun to experiment with make up!

We heard you regularly brave Black Friday shopping!  Any advice for those of us who want to try next year?

Absolutely!! Black Friday is an excellent time to shop. I think the biggest advice is to plan ahead & get there early. It’s best to have a game plan of which stores you want to shop in, so you aren’t wandering around aimlessly. I do this so I can get in & get out with out wasting my day. I usually head to the shops between 3:30 – 4am, and am finished no later than 8am. This seems to be the down time in most shops & malls (I’ve found this through years of experience!)

Your perfect day.  What would it look like?

My absolute dream day is to be comfy & cozy in a warm blanket relaxing on a hammock outside on a cool, breezy autumn day with a hot chocolate or hot tea.

Thanks for sharing, Kirstin!

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