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How To Motivate Yourself When You’re In A Health Rut

Carly Jacobs is a fashion and lifestyle blogger, freelance writer, jeweller, designer, actor and yogurt enthusiast. She’s been a regular contributor at Australian Cleo magazine and she’s also been featured in Cosmopolitan and Bust magazines. As editor of and shopping writer at she spends her days writing, procrastinating on twitter, drinking flat whites and trying to find people to annoy.

You’ve all heard me talk about body image and self confidence in the past and if you’re a regular reader you’ll know that I promote body maintenance above anything when it comes to loving yourself. I’m a Virgo so I like to sit around a lot and think about how perfect I am, so naturally it comes as quite a shock when it’s pointed out to me that in fact, I’m not perfect. Oh my god, it even hurts to write that.

I was having a brag to Mr. Smaggle the other day about how you can’t fault my diet and he said ‘Yeah except for all the chocolate’. Naturally I was a little affronted. ‘Exsqueeze me? Baking powder? You MUST be referring to your other girlfriend.’

He then pointed out that despite the fact that I eat a protein shake for breakfast, two pieces of fruit, salad-like lunch and healthy dinner it appears that I lose the freaking plot after dinner and consume chocolate as if I am dying. Right. Thanks for this info. This got me thinking that although I do exercise and eat right there was a time in my life that I would rather have eaten wallpaper than gone near calorie-laden chocolate EVER let alone every day.

So I thought I would compile a list of health tips to get me back on the right track to health – or get me out of the cocoa fields and steer me back to the straight and narrow. Here’s what I came up with!

Write down everything you eat Use an online service to figure out how many calories you should be consuming in a day (based on your weight and activity levels) and start adding up what you are eating. Including wine. I mean it. Calorie King is awesome for Australians because it has all our food brands and you can look up something like ‘apples’ without having to scroll through ten thousand kinds of apple pie/treat/snack/candy. I did this everyday for two years and I could very easily eat exactly what my body needed in a day without calculating it and a few months ago I stopped doing this. I started again this week and it’s amazing that my brain forgot how many calories there are in some kinds of foods. It’s a great little reminder about ‘sometimes’ foods and also about the portions that you should be eating.

Rock out when you work out

Get yourself some awesome songs on your Ipod (personally I’m all about show tunes and Cher) and zone out while you work out. It makes SUCH a difference. I look at people who exercise without music and they look like they are going to cry. So sad.

Mix it up

Don’t just stick to the gym. Get out into the fresh air and go for a run. Even though I hate outdoors,  I do love jogging in quiet areas and singing really loudly with my Ipod and pretending that I’m Britney. Sometimes this actually makes me look forward to exercise.

Dress like Lara Croft or one of Charlie’s Angels

I wear a lot of black when I exercise. Not because it’s flattering but because it’s tough. Would Angelina wear baggy grey tracksuit pants and a Nirvana t-shirt? I don’t think so. It’s all about black Lycra. The tighter the better. And do pretend that your training for the invasion of an ancient Egyptian tomb. Imagine your whole workout as a movie montage. It will make the time fly by. I promise.

Get over it

Obviously there is no way that you can never eat chocolate or bread again. That’s just stupid. All I’m asking is that you own it. If you eat a whole block of chocolate (we’ve all done it!) just deal with it and eat well for the next week. Also exercise hurts. And it’s boring. Deal with it. It’s  45minutes out of your WHOLE DAY and it makes you look and feel amazing. I understand the issues that people have (believe me, I have them too) but just do it. It’s like cleaning the bathroom. Or paying your car insurance. Painful, but necessary.

But also relax…

It’s SO BORING watching your weight all the time! Be realistic and flexible. Eat well most of the time and track it in your diary but if your man brings you home an ice cream treat for the pair of you to share just enjoy it! If you’re going to indulge in a cheeky wine night with your ladies savor every mouthful and maybe skip dessert.

How do you get motivated when you’re in a rut?

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