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Getting Out of A Style Rut

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“If you reach for that pair of jeans one more time this week, I’m going to kill you.”

This is the hostile split personality conversation I have been having with myself for the past week. Each morning I’ve been comfortably reaching for the same ensemble over and over; skinny jeans, over sized sweater and suede OTK boots. The hamster wheel is spinning out of control and I’m officially in a style rut. I’m in sartorial Groundhog’s day. My 2011 style mission is to shake things up and dress outside of the box, but first I have to shake this style funk.

When I find myself in this type of purgatory, there are a few things I do to bust the seams on my style.

1. Take inventory

How can you amp up your style quotient if you don’t know what ingredients you have? Do a thorough evaluation of what you own. No you don’t have to do the 3 piles (keep, toss, mend) but really go through and try things on. See #2 for how.

2. Play Dress-up

I swear by this! Playing dress-up is not only hella fun but lets you do #1 without the typical “if you haven’t worn it in a year” rhetoric. Crank up the dress up playlist and get to having a personal runway show. Take stock of what you love, how things fit and make you feel.Try wacky combinations.

3. Plan the night before

I used to hate this, because it reminded me of grade school. But laying out your ensemble the night before gives you more time to experiment. Rushing at 6am to pull together is not conducive to being your most stylish self.

4. Change one item at a time

Instead of going from daily denim to a frock overnight, why not take your time and change one item at a time. Replace your jeans with a skirt or your flats with a pair of wedges. The transition will be less jarring and easier to take.

5. Give yourself a reason to dress up

Plan a night out with girls, romantic dinner with the beau or maybe just a retro movie marathon where you don a vintage frock. Give yourself an excuse to dress up!

6. Experiment with color

For those who’s style rut consist of black, black and more black; add some color into the mix and see if you don’t feel cheerier

7. A little Shine can go a long way

I love sequins and shine as much as the next Paris Hilton wannabe and adding a bit of glitz to an otherwise monotonous outfit can make all the difference.

8. Make up with Makeup

When I’m rushing out the house, makeup is the last thing on my mind. But adding a bit of blush and a light lipstick can brighten your disposition

9. Buy what you Love

Instead of listening to the fashion rags on what’s on trend, how about you buy items that you love and craft your style around them. Who says you have to own 10 basic cotton tees, if that’s not what you’re passionate about wearing, don’t buy it.

10. Wear what makes you Happy

Sometimes a style rut hints to other things. Maybe you’re dissatisfied with what you look like or feel like your wardrobe doesn’t reflect you. Get busy changing that, wear only things that make you happy and eventually your style rut will dissolve.

Style ruts come and go and it’s important to not obsess over what you’re wearing (or not wearing). Fashion and style should be fun. Dress from your heart and the rut will be gone before you know it.

How do you get out of a style rut?

Oct 27, 2015

Wow. This is perfection! It rimneds me of a previous blog post that I claimed was my favorite. lOl Love the bright whites with big brother strumming away and that sweet baby smile is priceless. Great work!


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