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Chelsea pulls off the ‘Candy Cane’ look beautifully, pencil skirt perfection!

Ever wonder how to make your eyes pop when wearing glasses? Here you go!

How refreshing and humbling, pictures of celebrities without any makeup on.

fresh technique for working out your life values!

Weddings seems to be everywhere (I’m looking at you Pinterest!) but why not read these 5 top secret things about marriage before deciding it’s for you.

5 glorious tips for better self-portraits, be your own paparazzi!

Go from a hurried, meaningless work day to one that is profound and mindful.

Give yourself perfect cat-eyes every time and glam up an ordinary day.

Beautiful photos of all the happy same-sex couples right after they got married in NY. Gorgeous!

The seven fitness myths that aren’t true and you really need to know about.

Lovely use of textures, patterns and materials results in this gorgeous outfit for winter!

What’s keeping you warm on these frigid days and frosty nights?


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