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Woman We Love: Laura Connell

Did you know the internet is populated with smart, funny, interesting women? Yes! We know lots of these women so we thought it was high time we introduced them to you. And thus: our post series – Woman We Love.

Name: Laura Connell
Age: 40
Location: Toronto
Online Homes
: Blog // Twitter // Facebook
Favorite Karina Dress: Gala

Tell us. What makes your blog different from all the other fashion blogs out there?

I’m a fashion lover who writes about the fashion industry through a socio-political lens. I ‘m determined to provide an antidote to mainstream fashion’s message that you must be young and thin to be beautiful and to raise awareness and self-esteem among women especially regarding their body image.

What are your every day, must-reads, online or off?

The Bible; Those Graces, Style Eyes, Lipstick and Luxury, The Coveted, Wendy Brandes’ blog, Stylish Thought; Huffington Post; DailyGood.orgYou write a lot about self esteem.

What are your tricks to feeling better about yourself when you’re feeling down in the dumps?

My trick to feeling better about yourself when you’re down in the dumps is to write a gratitude list. Even if you can think of one little thing like the fact that you have food in your fridge, that helps. Gratitude is huge for me and I feel it every time I turn on the tap and water flows! Think of where you live and how rich you are compared to 99% of the planet’s population. Think of the fact that the average person on the planet earns $2 per day. It puts things in perspective. Also, science shows that smiling fakes your brain into believing it’s happy. Give it a try!

You love high fashion! What are some of your favorite trends for the coming season? How can normal ladies like us translate those looks into our everyday looks?

I love following fashion and I’m not a trend-conscious person. I believe in timeless, investment pieces that are versatile, feminine and flattering. That’s why I love the Karina dresses so much – they appeal to both my practical and pretty sides.

Your perfect day. What would it look like?

I’m a Canadian girl who loves the outdoors so my favorite day in the summer would be up north swimming, canoeing, kayaking at a cottage. In winter, my best day is spent skiing or ice skating followed by warm hot chocolate by a fire with the people I love. I also love to travel, and adore the way my Karina dresses can be thrown in a suitcase without wrinkling or taking up any space.

Thanks so much for sharing, Laura!

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