Karina Chronicles

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Age-appropriate dressing has looser guidelines than you might think, here is how you figure it out.

Appreciation incubation! A fill-in-the-gratitude cheat sheet that might make the President verklempt.

Are you a social butterfly that’s getting tired? Here’s an intriguing solution!

As a kid I would pretend I was singing underwater, and brush my hair with a fork while pretending to be Ariel… little did I know that there is a mermaid convention!

7 high-leverage life skills they should teach in grade school. ‘Stranger danger’ takes a beating with this one.

Dancing in the streets of Russia, how wonderful!

Nature is key to happiness, why not bring a tiny square of it to lunch?

reverse bucket list that will have you cracking up with laughter.

Zooey Deschanel gives the editors of Vogue a piece of her mind, at 17 years old. Nicely done.

Do you stray from your tried and true style or remain faithful?

Become a turned on woman, exciting!

What fuels your passion about fashion? 

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