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Woman We Love: Sacramento Amate Martínez

Looking for another internet fashion icon? Look no further; Sacramento embodies fashion inspiration! Another woman we love.

Name: Sacramento Amate Martínez (we  have 2 surnames, and Spanish women never change theirs when they marry). 
Age: Over 50, feeling ageless
Location: Mis Papelicos
Favorite Karina dress: Definitely Gala
What are your every day, must-reads, online or off? 
Fashion magazines, my blogroll 
You write about style for the 40+ crowd.  Could you share your top three fashion tips with us?
I don´t write for any age. Amongst my followers there are people ranging from 15 to 70. After all, real age is a state of mind and an attitude in life. I don´t believe in norms or rules for any age. My top tip would be  to dress for yourself, and enjoy the creation of every outfit.
Your blog is in both English and Spanish!  How did you come to be bilingual?
I am a Spanish- English teacher who lived and taught  in England and Spain. I married an English man, and my daughters have dual nationalities. We speak the two languages at home.

Are there any trends or styles you think should be limited to the twenty-somethings of the world?
To me, fashion is a way of self expression through clothes without limits.
Your perfect day.  What would it look like?
A day in harmony with myself and the rest of the world.

Thanks so much for sharing, Sacramento!

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