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Why I Rarely Wear Makeup

Eyeliah blogs over at StyleSymmetry.com which started out as a fashion blog has now involved into cooking posts, giveaways, inspiration and travel posts while still throwing in the occasional outfit.

There are many perfectly good reasons to wear makeupyou might enjoy the artistic aspect, you want to add a bit of color, or you just find it fun!  But I, personally, don’t wear it very often.  Here’s why.

1.  I didn’t like the idea of slathering products full of chemicals and additives on my face each day
While it may make me appear younger while it’s on my face it in reality it is aging my skin prematurely.  I decided instead to focus on making my skin glow with proper nutrition,water intake and daily moisturizer.  And it took only a week to get used to not wearing makeup.

2. My self worth!
I feel beautiful with or without makeup.  I don’t appreciate the images I see in the media every day, women are photo-shopped until they are unrecognizable and in my life and on my blog I want to project an image of myself that is as real as possible.

3. I work a physical job
Teaching yoga it might look silly showing up with a full face of make up.

4. It costs money
I have cut my spending drastically in the past few years and cutting out new make up purchases helps, especially considering I prefer Clinique.

5. It saves on waste
Just think of all the packaging that goes into make up products! It’s nice that I only replace my products once a year; concealer stick, powder, mascara and two eye shadows and then I recycle the cardboard.

When I do choose to wear makeup it is a nice treat!  And even then I’m usually just putting on a five minute face with a dab of Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in Rhubarb for a touch of lip color.  I dare you to try it for a week or even a day and let us know how it goes!

How often do you wear make up?

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